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The Solid Tools prefer the Clay be Leather Hard, lest the Clay tend to clump up on them. They will also trim Dry, Bone Dry, or low-fired Bisque. They are well adapted for Trimming Plaster forms. I also make 'miniature' Solid Tools of many shapes for small Work, or details.

They come 'long' stem on on the Standard handle unless ordered otherwise.

Solid Tool Shapes Solid Tool Shapes Solid Tool Shapes

You can also draw a shape you want, and to the size you want it, and send it in to me, and I will make it for you, so long as it does not have inside Curves, or is overly large, or unsuited for this material.

The 'miniature' Solid Tools are the same Shapes and about half the size as the Solid Tools, or such other shapes as you might draw. And come 'long' Stem and on the 'Small Round Butt Stylus' Handle unless ordered otherwise.

The Solid Tool 'Corners'

The 'Solid Tools' (as distinct from Loops) can possess 'Corners' more acute than is possible for me to attain in the Loop Tool's bend or apex. These (usually, slightly radiused) 'Corners' are excellent for a fine definition of Feet, Foot Rings, and other details of Trimming.

However, a truly sharp 'POINTED' Corner on a Solid Tool, in Trimming a foot-ring or the like, may leave so sharp a juncture in the bottom of the Trim, as can become a 'stress-raiser' when the piece is hi-fired, resulting in a radial crack. So, generally, I suggest the actual 'pointed' corner Solid Tools be used for Plaster Trimming, or used knowingly, at any rate. And, for regular Trimming, that the Solid Tools be had with a tiny radius to their corners.

Some of the Solid Tools are found especially well adapted for the Trimming of Platters and large Plates, and these have a slight 'curve' called here a 'sweep' along their bottom edge, as helps you not leave the trim trails behind it on wide 'flat' areas. This little 'sweep' may also be had on the No. 34 through 39 Tools if you like.

Solid Tool Lifespan

The 'Solid Tools' may be imagined to have an almost indefinite lifespan.

I have been making the 'Solid Tools' since 1986, and I was told in the mid 1990s that some of them had Trimmed upwards of Eighteen Tuns of Clay Wares. This with only a few re-sharpenings having occurred in that six or eight years.

No one has worn one out.