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Sizes and Kinds

I have been making the Loop Tools for about 12 years, and so far as I know, the vast majority of them are Still in happy use.

The 'Heavy Duty' Loops may be understood to prefer to Trim Clay as is Leather Hard, through Dry, or Bone Dry. They are well adapted to BIG or heavy Work where large amounts of Clay are to be Trimmed off smartly.

The 'Standard' Loop Tools also prefer the Clay be about Leather Hard, and, as these Tools are thinner and lighter than the 'Heavy Duty' ones, they may trim a little damper Clay. The 'Standard' Loop Tools should not be used to Trim 'dry' nor to Trim Plaster, nor any kind of 'bisque'.

The 'Standard' Loop Tools may be had in full-size, or in fractional-sizes down to about 1/2 size or a little smaller than that.

The 'miniature' series of Loop Tools, being thinner, and small, may Trim a little damper yet, than the (full or fractional sizes of the) 'Standard' Loop Tools,and are found useful for small or delicate Work, and making various details.

The small Carving Loops are not intended for Trimming, but have found favor for occasional, incidental Trimming details. They are intended for patient Hand-Work in Carving, for which they are thinner and sharpened to a different angle than the Trimming Loops.

I have been making these in a variety of shapes and sizes, which, I hope includes what you may need. If not, draw what you want and send to me, and if possible, I will make it as you have shown. No inside curves please.