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Tools as have become subject to Mis-hap

All Tools as I make are tested before they are shipped.

My tests allow me to feel satisfied that there is no flaw or stress in the Tool as could result in a fracture or break. I expect them to be durable and faithful in the use for which they are intended.

Please check your Loop Tools now and then and make sure you have not cracked a 'leg'. While not a frequent happenstance, this can happen, and I have seen Potters not seem to notice they were Trimming with a Loop that had a leg cracked through. If a leg is cracked through, it is easy to see, and easy to feel. The Loop will 'flex' a little bit, and may vibrate in use too, so be aware of this. Wash the Tool clean if need be now and then, and look. Also, be aware of the 'feel' of things when you are Trimming.

If you have a crack, send it in for me to weld. Do not keep Trimming with it.

Tools as have broken from the stem, but are otherwise intact, or a Loop as has a crack in one of its 'legs', may be readily repaired by me if you will send it in for me to do so.

Price for this is $10.00 plus approximate return Postage.

Tools, especially Loop Tools, as have become shattered or broken into multiple pieces, may not be repaired, but will require I make an entirely new Cutter. Please send whatever remains of it. Price for this to be figured as $5.00 less than the price of a Tool, plus an approximation of return Postage.