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I have developed these Tools for those Potters who wish to Trim with greater intention, delicacy, comfort and ease. And, for Trimming to be enjoyable, welcome and satisfying in the larger sequences and rituals of making Pots.

All Tools are designed and made by me entire.
sample of trimming loops
There are no employees, 'distributors', 'retailers', or other interlopers to confuse, exploit, goof up, mark-up, or mis-state matters, or to interfere with communications between me and those Potters who may use, or wish to use these Tools

Any questions, interests, anecdoetes, Orders, confusions or problems with Trimming, may be addressed or directed to me at any time.

Philip Poburka

The Material

All Tools are made having Tungsten Carbide Cutters.

Tungsten Carbide is not related to Steel in any way. Nor is it 'springy' or bendable in the fingers. Do not twist the end to see how strong it is.

All Tools are entirely non-ferrous, and there should be no contamination of Porcelain from any oxidation from the Tool.

Tungsten Carbide is a very hard, dense Material. As a consequence, it is somewhat brittle in applications where these unsupported slender sections are extending out from the end of a little stem. One must take care to keep them from spills, falls, or being jumbled in a Tool box when travelling. Keep them safe.

One should not tap the Tool against things to dislodge a gob of Clay, nor should one allow others to do so.

Just as with our Pots...

Do not drop them.

More may be viewed at: https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/pdpbison